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Cheat Sheet Compilation

1. This is the best collection of Cheat Sheets by various traders. It will help a lot to learn trading in short period of time. Enjoy..

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11. What is Liquidity        Click here            EXTRA PDF

12. Market Structure        Click here

13. Price Action by @fytte_        Click here

14. Risk Management by @leviathancrypto    Click here

15. Price and Volume Relation by  @leviathancrypto    Source

16. Price Action Fundamental        Click here                           Source

17. Inside the Circle Module 1        Click here                           Source

18.  Price Volume Relation by Cryptooindia    

19. Divergence Summary       – Volume and RSI Relation

20. Bitcoin Dominance VS Alt Coins Relation

21. Bulish Divergence :  Occurs when the price reaches a new low, while the oscillator makes a higher low.

22. Bearish reversal: Occurs when the price reaches a new high, while the oscillator makes a lower high.

23. Risk Management Cheat Sheet

24. Volume Profie Visible Range


25. Fibonacci Retracement Advanced Concepts

26. Risk Management by @SMCrypt1c       Click here

27. Liquidity by @SMCrypt1c       Click here

28. Market Structure by @SMCrypt1c       Click here

29. Trading Psychology by @SMCrypt1c       Click here

30. Rekt Proof Setup/ Notes       Click here                                      Source

31. Technical Trading Terminology            


32. 3 EMA Trading Strategy with S/R                    Source


33.  Trading Acronym’s                   Source @StratDevilDog


34.  Understand Liquidity and Volatility                   Source @StratDevilDog


35.  Breakout Vs Fake Breakout                   Source @StratDevilDog


36.  Bearish Engulfing   eakout                     Source @StratDevilDog


37.  Bearish Flag                     Source @StratDevilDog


38.  Bearish Move                     Source @StratDevilDog


39.  Bearish Pattern                     Source @StratDevilDog


40.  Bearish to Bullish Structure                     Source @StratDevilDog


41.  Breakouts                     Source @StratDevilDog


42.  Bull Flag Setup                     Source @StratDevilDog


43.  Bullish Move Explained                    Source @StratDevilDog


44.  Bullish Patterns                    Source @StratDevilDog


45.  Bullish Pennant Pattern                               Source @StratDevilDog


46.  Bullish Reversal                               Source @StratDevilDog


47.  Candlestick Breakout                               Source @StratDevilDog


48.  Candlestick Cheat Sheet                               Source @StratDevilDog


49.  Candle Formation                            Source @StratDevilDog         


50.  Candle Patterns                            Source @StratDevilDog       



51.  Multiple Candle Rejection                           Source @StratDevilDog 




52.  Candle Patterns                            Source @StratDevilDog 




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