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YouTube is a free Web3 university.

But 98.8% don’t subscribe to the right channels.

So, I’ve audited 120+ YouTube Channels, and here are 23 of the very best to 10x your Web3 journey:

You’ll find YouTube channels about:

I. NFT projects, Web3 Development, Play-to-earn games, and Dapps

ll. DeFi (Decentralized Finance), Crypto space, & Crypto trading.

lll. NFT innovation, market analysis & alpha trading.


1. Dapp University:

Dapp University teaches you to build decentralized applications on Ethereum. A go-to channel if you want to become a Web3 Dev.



2. Hashlips:

A school to learn programming to build NFT generative art, smart contracts, Dapps, games, etc. They’ve also curated an awesome playlist on the basics of solidity.



3. Moralis:

Web3 This is a channel for Web3 Devs. You can learn about building your Play-to-earn (P2E) games, Metaverse, and multiple web3-based Dapps from industry experts.



4. Crypto Brando:

While it has few videos, this channel brings us topics like: · The first step to creating a successful NFT project. · Marketing tactics for your project.




Part ll: DeFi & Crypto space, crypto trading

5. DeFi Dad:

DeFi Dad is a channel where you learn about new decetralized money applications built on Ethereum and other chains.




6. 99Bitcoins:

This channel takes complex blockchain and DeFi topics and breaks them down in layman’s words.



7. The Bitcoin Express:

This channel highlights topics like Bitcoin & Altcoins, DeFi, Privacy & Security in Web3, NFTs, and current market news.



8. Whiteboard Crypto:

This channel aims to provide quality Crypto Education using analogies, stories, and examples. They simplify various crypto concepts like DAOs, Liquidity Pools, Yield Farming, etc.



9. Alex Becker’s Channel :

He’s a hardcore advocate of crypto gaming & metaverse. In his channel, Alex shares his opinions & investment recommendations in Gaming & Metaverse Coins.



10. JRNY Crypto:

As the name suggests, this channel is all about Crypto & NFTs and brings you top News & Market Updates in the Crypto & NFT space.



11. Max Maher :

A go-to channel for anyone who wants to learn about Crypto & DeFi, as to learn about making money from Trading and Investing in Crypto.



lll. NFT innovation, market analysis & alpha trading.

12. Degen University :

This channel is about all things NFTs. Their content ranges from NFT project breakdowns to News on the current NFT space and market updates.



13. ZenAcademy :

The best one-stop channel to learn about NFTs and how pioneers innovate in the NFT ecosystem. Here, you can find impactful and innovative projects like Saving the Rainforest, how NFTs shape the Creator Economy, etc.



14. Giancarlo buys tokens :

He shares his views on the NFT ecosystem, the future, and the potential of NFT tech. You can also find interesting upcoming NFT projects & NFT market updates.



15. The Parallax :

This channel is packed with NFT News, Market Updates, & Insights on upcoming NFT projects.



16. NFT Verse :

Here you can find talks about different Brands entering Web3, Updates on Markets, Early Trends, & strategies for NFT trading.



17. NFT Nate :

On his channel, Nate gives us honest opinions on the NFT ecosystem status, showcases NFT projects, and discusses the NFT market at large. You can also find some good NFT trading strategies.



18. Sajad:

One of the best channels to learn NFT trading with top-notch flipping & trading strategies.



19. Ameer Hussain:

This is a channel where you find some early NFT alphas – information that you can acquire or act on before the majority of people in the NFT market – and upcoming NFT trends to help you make some money.



20. ryandcrypto :

Find some early NFT alphas, Market Updates, & Tips and Tricks to flip NFTs for profit.



21. Brett Malinowski:

This channel helps you navigate through NFTs. You can find solid videos on NFT Marketing, Community Building, & Flipping Guides. He has some really good videos on NFT basics & the impact of NFT tech. on various businesses.



22. Champ Crypto:

One of the best channels to get some new & time-sensitive alphas every day to help you profit. You can also find some solid NFT Investing & Flipping strategies.



23. Popeye Picks :

This channel provides info. on NFT Scams, ways to protect yourself against scams, upcoming NFT trends, and NFT flipping guides. The video on how to win a gas war is an absolute banger.



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