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Research tools to finding alpha for next 100X – A list of all the best tools

Finding the next 100x Research tools are essential to finding alpha

A list of all the best tools, most of which you have never heard

1. Token terminal –

A dashboard that provides metrics on cryptoassets and defi products. Its a good way to evaluate and track projects. Extracting data from blockchains, dapps into standardized metrics. Follow narratives & have instant acces to revenue data.


2. Gokustats –

A great tool to analyze developer activity. The dashboard allows you to analyze the change in the number of Commits and Weekly Active Developers for a particular crypto project over time. Also it allows for easy analysis and comparison of L1’s.


3. DefiLlama –

Defilama is the go to place for metrics on the DeFi space. It spews out data for almost any DeFi project. Mainly DefiLIama focus on aggregating TVL info. It uses TVL to show which protocols are the largest and how they are developing over time.


4. Coindix –

Finding todays best yield. Screen through vault info to monitor the APY ratess across numerous protocols. An essential tool for DeFi players.



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