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EmperorBTC Trading Tips

Master Class by EmperorBTC (My Crypto Hero)

EmperorBTC is a genuine person who has good knowledge of Crypto Trading field. He is giving his best to provide the good quality content for his followers. He made some Crypto Trading Notes which he shared on his Twitter and Telegram Channel. Anyone who is beginner in crypto world can gain maximum knowledge in short time by following his notes. Lets learn and earn with the help of his knowledge.

In this post I am compiling all his notes please read these  notes with patience.

Twitter Thread 1

I have been trading for about a decade. I have been liquidated, profitable, bankrupt several times. Here are the RULES that you MUST follow to survive in the market long term. Learn from history or perish. Here are my best trading lessons.

1. HOW MUCH TO INVEST. Don’t invest at the cost of ruining your life. Your investment should always be an almost insignificant amount. If you lose it, it should hurt a bit but not ruin your life. Don’t go all in. EVER. Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

2. TRADE SPOT. THEN FUTURES. Practice a lot BEFORE trading. Watch live charts, draw your levels, then paper trade. After you’re comfortable with this, trade spot for sometime and ONLY THEN move to leverage/futures. Using leverage without spot experience is a crime.

3. TWO SAVIOURS. You cannot and will not survive in the long term without following the two tools of capital preservation.

i. Stop Loss.

ii. Risk Management.

Both these tools are FAR more complicated than they sound. Read, understand and ONLY then trade.

4. DON’T BE A HERO TO FIGHT THE TREND. Don’t try making quick trades by fighting the trend. Use the weekly time frame and the 50 day moving average to find the trend and trade only in the direction of the market.

5. NO GOOD ASSETS. There are no good and bad assets. Don’t get attached to a coin or a stock. Your aim is to make profits, to buy low and sell high. Keep your logics, attachments and emotions away and TRADE THE CHART. Eg. Cardano is shit but I made good money there.

6. EXIT AT THE FIRST SIGHT OF BEARISHNESS. Don’t pray for a trade to go right. Don’t hope. Your aim is to leave the market ASAP. Once the trade goes the opposite direction, don’t give control to the market and keep hoping. EXIT. Start afresh. Cut your losses. Keep them small..

7. PLAN. Don’t trade if you don’t have a planned entry, exit and invalidation point. Listening to opinions of others will always get you rekt. Don’t even listen to me. YOU have to plan your entry, position size and invalidation points.

8. IT’S SIMPLE YET MOST DIFFICULT. Trading is easy, you don’t need complicated tools and 5 monitors. My mentor still trades with S/R lines & volume, on his laptop.

The catch is, you need a plan.

-Manage position size.

-Pre-determined entries.

-Exit on invalidation.

-Cut losses.

9. TRADE MORE. When learning, trade a lot. A LOT. Trade with the trend, as many times a possible. Your methods need real market testing. Trade more, let the market give you feedback, as much as possible. The only way to get better at free-throws is to keep practicing.

10. LEARN. LEARN. LEARN. Trading is the most rewarding profession, ever. You can’t expect it to be easy. Journalise all trade. Take notes and keep learning. I have made tutorials for all topics here. It works. It’s free.

How I made money with Crypto https://bit.ly/39kuwP8

Twitter Thread 2

Mastering HORIZONTAL SUPPORT and RESISTANCE for Trading Bitcoin.

This is the most comprehensive real-world guide to Support and Resistance. This is everything that you need to master it.  It’s an exhaustive guide, don’t read, STUDY IT.


Support and Resistance- https://bit.ly/3ipzvAx

Risk Management 1- https://bit.ly/2WjqQqk

Risk Management 2- https://bit.ly/2Knjj7k

Stop Loss-   https://bit.ly/3bZVtKp

Volume Part 1-    https://bit.ly/31ANltb

Bullish Divergence-  https://bit.ly/3fGhpsl

Bearish Divergence-  https://bit.ly/33WCmgH

Open Interest-  https://bit.ly/3cLUyMN

Head and shoulders-  https://bit.ly/30IvAsN

Price Action Trading-  https://bit.ly/2QAcQWp

Altcoin Breakout – https://bit.ly/2DacbrN

EMA strategy-  https://bit.ly/3eQqmCv

Being Profitable – https://bit.ly/3eOb5Ch

Trading Methods-  https://bit.ly/3f23CQr

Explained in one chart-

1. EMA, Supply, Swings, Position Addition –  https://bit.ly/30KCNIW

2. Quick look at Indicator confirmations- https://bit.ly/2PB9VfE

3.Position addition on swings- https://bit.ly/33FXV4V

4. Demand Supply Trade setup- https://bit.ly/2XG7Bsj

Important threads.

Learn Basic TA on your own- https://bit.ly/30I0iSB

Volume Cheat Sheet- https://bit.ly/3gKlTPZ

How Pump and Dump Works- https://bit.ly/3ks5fa9

Pre-requisites to trading- https://bit.ly/3a9tCEX

Recommended Books- https://bit.ly/3kuou2W

My Best 10 trading Lessons- https://bit.ly/31AQcT4

Scalp Short Sample- https://bit.ly/33FeH46

Long Swing Sample- https://bit.ly/31DqgGo

Day Trading Strategy – https://bit.ly/3mlUbgf

Index of Trading Tutorials (2021)

BITCOIN TRADING MANUAL: https://bit.ly/39iKQ2U

Before you start:

A thread for beginners https://bit.ly/3czFrFO

How to build a trading system https://bit.ly/39fZQib

Principles of Survival https://bit.ly/3Am3Zgg

Trading Routine https://bit.ly/3EuxOOf

Introduction to TA:

TA Basics https://bit.ly/30I0iSB

Bitcoin Trading Master Class Part 1 https://bit.ly/2OFcJvi

Bitcoin Trading Master Class Part 2 – Candlesticks https://bit.ly/30TKefT

Price Market Psychology https://bit.ly/2QAcQWp

Threads and Charts:

Altcoin Entries (How to Find them) https://bit.ly/3tO07SU

Altcoin Breakout https://bit.ly/2DacbrN

Avoid Breakout Trading https://bit.ly/3krQbLX

Bearish Divergence https://bit.ly/33WCmgH

Bearish Divergence Cheat Sheet https://bit.ly/39jrE5i

Bullish Divergence https://bit.ly/3fGhpsl

Bullish Divergence Cheat Sheet https://bit.ly/3nKvcpn

Being Profitable https://bit.ly/3eOb5Ch

Demand Supply Trade setup https://bit.ly/2XG7Bs

EMA strategy https://bit.ly/3eQqmCv

EMA, Supply, Swings, Position Addition https://bit.ly/30KCNIW

Head and shoulders https://bit.ly/30IvAsN

Heat Maps https://bit.ly/2Za8A7H

How to Avoid Fake Break-outs and

Traps https://bit.ly/3klkio3

How Pump and Dump Works https://bit.ly/3ks5fa9

How to Trade a Range https://bit.ly/3kjGPBv

Multiple Confirmation Short https://bit.ly/39xaUaV

Open Interest https://bit.ly/3cLUyMN

Position addition on swings https://bit.ly/33FXV4V

Price Action Range Break Out https://bit.ly/3khL8xo

Principles of Price Action https://bit.ly/3u4o4pj

Price Volume Confirmation https://bit.ly/3EvqqSM

Quick look at Indicator confirmations https://bit.ly/2PB9VfE

Retracement VS Reversal https://bit.ly/3tQKdqQ

Risk Management 1 https://bit.ly/2WjqQqk

Risk Management 2 https://bit.ly/2Knjj7k

Scalping Tips https://bit.ly/2Xvvmqg

Support and Resistance https://bit.ly/3ipzvAx

Trading Methods https://bit.ly/3f23CQr

Trend Reversal Short Set up https://bit.ly/3hKuW68

Volume Part 1 https://bit.ly/31ANltb

Volume Cheat Sheet https://bit.ly/3kiIk2W

Volume Exit https://bit.ly/3And2O9


Bitcoin Price Report (Sept 2021) https://bit.ly/2XuDGGJ


TRADINGVIEW INDICATOR: https://bit.ly/3EveP61

How to use the Altcoin Trading Indicator: https://bit.ly/3klb0bw

Pre-requisites to trading- https://bit.ly/3a9tCEX

Recommended Books: https://bit.ly/3kuou2W

My Best 10 trading Lessons- https://bit.ly/31AQcT4

Scalp Short Sample- https://bit.ly/33FeH46

Long Swing Sample- https://bit.ly/31DqgGo

Day Trading Strategy – https://bit.ly/3mlUbg

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